Didier Schmitt

Coordinator for human and robotic exploration


Coordinator for human and robotic exploration at the European Space Agency.
From 2009 to 2018 he was stationed in Brussels, successively in the European Commission Space Policy Unit, as adviser to the President of the EC on science technology foresight, and at the EU diplomatic service dealing with space and security. Previously he was head of Life Sciences for human spaceflight at ESA-ESTEC, Associate Professor at the Toulouse medical school and at the International Space University. His educational background is PhD in biosciences and certified medical doctor (emergency medical care and aerospace medicine). His academic work brought him to Cape Canaveral and Star City in Moscow for experiments on Shuttle-Spacelab and Mir space station. Extreme environments are his passion, like a recent Antarctic inland logistics expedition, plane parabolic flights, mini-submarine deep sea dive or space habitat simulator. Author of books and opinion writer, he has also started a fiction science comic series and a magazine-book series on exploration.