Franck Poirrier



Franck Poirrier started his career at the DGA (French defence procurement agency), at the Landes missile test centre, in 1984 - pivotal period for testing new tactical and deterrence missiles (M45, ASMP, Hades). Within the department in charge of processing measurements and developing decision-making information, he held several positions up to Head of Department.

In 1992, the VP of the Missiles and Space Division at the DGA appointed him Chief of Staff to the Director. In 1995 and 1996, he led the space-satellite group, in charge of all space programs (except Helios) and all preliminary studies in the military space sector. In this role, he actively participated in the Franco-German negotiations for cooperation in the field of military space observation (Helios 2-Horus).

In 1997, with the implementation of a new organization within the DGA, he was assigned to a newly created service - Military Systems Architects - in charge of intelligence and space.

Drawing on his previous experience, Franck Poirrier joined the corporate of Aérospatiale group by end of 1998, to take over the launchers activity (Ariane and ballistic missiles), reporting directly to the Space and Defence Senior VP. In this context, he actively participated in the successive M&A operations - firstly with Matra (creation of Aérospatiale-Matra in 1999) and then with Dasa (creation of EADS in 2000).

Following the mergers, the Director in charge of space activities within the group entrusted him with the responsibility of reorganizing EADS space assets, up to the creation of the EADS Astrium group, for which he was appointed Secretary General in 2003. At the same time, he was in charge of monitoring Arianespace and Starsem.

In early 2004, he became Chairman and CEO of Sodern with the sensitive mission of re-launching its business of strategic importance for National Defence.

Building on the technical excellence of its employees and the innovative spirit of the company, he focused the strategy on a dual model in the field of neutron and space activities, promoting the mutual contributions of civil and military activities.

The strategy he deployed and the export-oriented investments led to a growth for the company, in highly competitive global markets.

Today, Sodern is considered a benchmark for its business model of dual activities. The company has acquired independence from the prime contractors, and therefore a status of leading supplier.

Based on this strong economic pillar, the deep and extremely rapid market changes require to further push forward the business model. Under his leadership, Sodern continues to build on a transformation plan, with the aim of integrating the company into a sustainable profitable growth.

Franck Poirrier is Armament Engineer General (retired). He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (Class of 1979) and from "Sup Aero" Aeronautics and Space Engineering School (Class of 1984).

He is a member of the Board of Directors of CILAS, of the Executive Committee of the GEAD (Association of Aerospace and Defence Equipment Manufacturers) within the GIFAS (French aerospace industries association) and he is member of the ISAE Executive Club (French aerospace engineering school) since its creation.

He is a representative of the GIFAS equipment suppliers within the CoSpace (government-industry space coordination committee at ministerial level).

He is a former auditor and advisor for the CHEAr (Advanced Armament Studies Center).

He has been awarded with the title of “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” and “Ordre National du Mérite” in France.